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The Mesa is the name of a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, and also the name of the overworld itself. Adventures taking place in this mysterious but strangely familiar land are characterized by huge degrees of diversity in both tone and inspiration, incorporating not only the long history and lore of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, but also encouraging pop culture nods, and the option for GMs to reference their own previous original content.

About The Mesa[edit | edit source]

The Mesa is the overworld of its own epinomious campaign setting.

While it is primarily populated by its own native residents, many characters arrive on the Mesa via Calling Yards, such as the one in the Warptown district of Riverguard.

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There is a huge cast of characters running around in The Mesa, countless locations of interest, and several ideas and concepts that go into understanding the game world. Use these links to quickly find what you are looking for.

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